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Product Design

The concretion of a concept begins with the fundamental and ends with the completed model, under consideration of aesthetic, ergonomic und technical aspects  for any branch, from office supplies up to high-tech laboratory equipment.

Corporate Product Design

We sharpen the visual appearance of your business by giving your products distinctive design features. We help your portfolio to a high recognition value and your company to a significant differentiation from the competition. A report by our Design Guide is the guide to your future developments.

Packaging Design

We specifically develop the best packaging design according to the needs of our customers while taking into consideration the different functionality of each packaging. The main topics are transport, sale and protection of a product. Important aspects for the transport are the handling and logistics optimization. The retail package has the task of representing the product as consistent and high quality. Protective Packaging provides a safe cover for all products from sensitive to heavy weight.

Interface Design

The quality of our developed concepts and design implementation to determine the usability of graphical user interfaces (GUI). During the development process our designers take into consideration ergonomic aspects to achieve the highest level of quality and best user experience. A user interface designed this way is one of the key factors for a successful product.

Modelling and Prototyping

In our workshop we build design and functional models, as well as prototypes, which in shape, colour and function are the blueprint to later serial production. For acceptance tests or performances on trade fairs etc. we manufacture small batch series.


Designers, engineers and instrument mechanics sit at one table. In cooperation with our partners we take care of the complete construction of your products until they are ready for market.


Often the human mind and common sense do not suffice for solving complex tasks. Specialists are often required to analyze the context of studies, workflows, movements and forces. We develop different approaches and test them with the help of models and prototypes fitting the respective user groups. The results of this analysis are the basis for the successful development of an ergonomic product.

User Studies

In the context of user studies, we examine the entire user experience of interacting with a product and its environment. What we check here is the effect of the product on the subject in the actual use situation (usability), before and after use. The analyzed results provide a clear decision and a goal-oriented focus of the newly developed product.

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